Keeping Those Procrastination Gremlins at Bay

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How is your timekeeping?

As a social media manager timekeeping is pretty essential - I need to make sure I keep to my clients’ agreed social media schedules, be on top of all the work that goes on behind the scenes; audits, creating strategies, planning posts etc, and also remember to log my hours, making sure I work for the correct amount or, indeed, don’t undercharge for over working (very important).

So how do you structure your working hours to get the most out of them?

I’ve tried most tips and tricks:

Plan your diary on Sunday for the week ahead

Block out chunks of time in your diary and stick to it 

Put your timer on for 20 minutes then take a break

Turn off all notifications on your computer, phone, hi tech watch to avoid distractions

Anymore to add to the list?

Suffice to say the above have kind of worked but not really - I don’t know what it is but I just can’t stay focussed for long enough and I almost always forget to set that 20 minute timer before I get stuck into something, oh dear!  

But... I may have just come across some form of mystical genius in the form of it's basically a subscription radio station for productivity and it’s amazing. It really does seem to work without me realising; it’s made writing this post super smooth and easy for starters!

So now that I am in ‘the zone’ what other things are out there to help with time management and efficiency?  

Well, I have discovered Trello, Station, Rescue Time and the brilliant Girls Mean Business 2020 Awesome Marketing Planner* to name but a few.

If you struggle with keeping track of time, procrastination, avoidance of work at all costs then take a look at these tools that aid you to take charge of those procrastination gremlins. 

Let me know if you give them a try and they work for you

I will leave the final word to who, along with the other tools mentioned (and others I’ve yet to discover), aim to ‘help you do what you need to do, better.’  

*This is an affiliate link.

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