Running a small business can be tough at the

best of times but right now it must seem like

there are more curve balls flying around than

anyone could ever have imagined.

“Plan C” is about helping local SMEs to keep

moving forward by offering free advice and

practical headline solutions to their most

pressing problems.


“Plan C” are a group of like minded business professionals who are committed to trying to help fellow local SMEs through this most difficult of times.


Unlike the majority of “you must do this” messaging currently on social platforms “Plan C” asks you as SMEs to tell us specifically what you need help with.


To answer these questions we have pulled together a team of local businesses from relevant disciplines who are happy to offer their experience and expertise …  this is where “Plan C” comes in to play.


Focusing on some key areas that SMEs are most likely to find challenging, the “Plan C” team will respond to specific short term challenges and questions in order to help SMEs through these challenging times.


We are offering this free service to local SMEs in any sector who can make use of the expertise available.

What we want from local SMEs is simple, just submit your most pressing challenge in a nice concise sentence or two and that will be put to the relevant people on the “team”.

What you will get back are thoughts, observations, and suggestions but most of all the team will try to come back to you with a tangible, actionable and practical solutions to your most pressing problems…

It’s Time for Plan C