Plan C

When Plans A & B are no longer an option

Offering free help and business advice for Surrey SMEs covering everything from accounting to HR and most things in between

Social Media

Fully qualified social media advice for companies of all sizes – specialists at helping local business owners get through the social media maze and making them utterly unmissable.


Help and advice on all aspects of employment, from legal responsibilities to training and development to maximise performance


At a time when communication is so important, we can offer businesses vital insights in to what you need to be saying, to whom and through which channels.


Access to branding and marketing expertise that can help give clarity as to what is required short and medium term for businesses to come out of this bigger and stronger than ever


IT requirements have changed beyond recognition in the past few weeks and we can offer specialist advice on what is available as well as what your immediate business needs are

Google Ads

Expert advice to help businesses understand the pros and cons of Google ads and find the best way to maximise return on their paid advertisng investment.  

Web Design

Help with all aspects of website design, re design and build, helping businesses understand what will work for them across all their marketing channels at a time when communication is so  important


Advice from a qualified management accountant that can help businesses to understand their options and use accountancy to help develop a business strategy for growth


Specialist sales and business development advice that helps businesses refocus their target customer base and understand the changing needs for product positioning and communication